Welcome to my beautiful Yorkies


Mylilyorkies Charlie Brown

Chocolate Stud, Parti and Blonde Carrier


Charlie Brown is a new addition to my breeding program and is a super sweet little guy.  He loves to steal all the toys and hide them in the study.

Mylilyorkies Romeo
Parti Stud Yorkshire Terrier

Stud fee - $1,000  

 This little guy is what you call one sheer little bundle of bliss.  Has quite the personality and some.  Thinks he is all that, and I guess he is.

Mylilyorkies Basil
Parti  Stud Yorkshire Terrier
Stud fee - $1,000

This little guy Basil is very attentive, super loving and quite the goofy boy, but still the most gentle loving character.

Mylilyorkies Buster
Parti  Stud Yorkshire Terrier
Stud fee - $1,000

This little man is a whopping 3 1/2 lbs with a big heart. Really mellow and quiet, and not a yapper.


Do you have a female yorkie and you want to have some beautiful puppies from her? If you use one of Mylilyorkies Male Stud dogs, you won't be disappointed.  Besides having puppies for sale we are also here for breeding. We have incredible stud dogs that have always had success and they always have great puppies.  Before breeding them, we like to have an open and honest discussion about your female Yorkie, and she will need a clear Brucella Test within 7 days of breeding.  We will give you information and answer any questions about the stud dog  and service, providing the best stud dog for your female yorkshire Terrier.

Overall, the stud dog is very important, because it will reflect the personality and the appearances of the puppies. That is why we have the best Washington State Yorkies and greatest Seattle Yorkies. If you need information from people who had puppies from our stud dogs, we will try to make that happen.