Welcome to my beautiful Yorkies


Female Dogs

Female Parti Yorki: Best Mother

Our Parti Yorki has the most wonderful mothers; funny, loving and friendly. Female yorkies have been with us for a long time. They are very smart. Before the puppies are born, the mother needs to be well fed, and we are give them a lots of love and they have their own personal space to relax in the time when they are waiting to have their yorkie puppies.

When they give birth to new yorkie puppies they know how to take care of them. They play with them and feed them on time. I have never had a problem regarding the weight of the new puppies because the milk of the mother has been always strong and enough for them. That is because we feed our female dogs with very good food, especially while they are pregnant. Also, the female dogs know when to stop feeding their parti yorkie; they help their puppies to start eating solid food which is a great success.

Dora the explorer 

Dora is the sweetest little girl,  the older lady that teaches the other girls.  She loves everybody and has the most loving disposition.


is a total love bunny.  She will snuggle with you all and throws her loving personality and quirky personality onto her babies.


What a beautiful Biro Yorkie, with a personality to die for.  She is a small package with a huge personality.


Loves to play ball and fetch anything she is thrown.  Haas personality plus.  Louise and Charlie should have some gorgeous babies, with amazing personalities.


is such a sweet girl, she loves to swim in the creek and gets on great with everybody.  Such a laid back disposition and is a total lover, she is not a verbal girl, but loves attention.