Welcome to my Beautiful Lil Yorkies



Love this little girl, she is such a hoot,  more of a mellow disposition, but very loving and goofy.  Loves to play and goof around.

Dora the explorer 

Dora is the sweetest little girl,  the older lady that teaches the other girls.  She loves everybody and has the most loving disposition. RETIRED.


is a total love bunny.  She will snuggle with you all day long, loves to give kisses.  This Golden girl has a golden personality to go with her looks.


What a beautiful Biro Yorkie, with a personality to die for.  She is a small package with a huge personality.


Loves to play ball and fetch anything she is thrown.  Has personality plus.  Louise and Charlie should have some gorgeous babies, with amazing personalities.


is a character and a half, she just loves everybody and every bit of attention she can get.